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Reasons To Plant Trees in your Yard

Trees have always been a part of nature that has and still is a quiet beauty. It is somehow something with which that will make the space look stunning in a quiet way. It also adds to the curb appeal of a property and possibly add to its value. Trees however, isn’t something that doesn’t have their dangers. However, if you take good care of it then you are rest assured that it is something that will be good in the end.  

There are preparations and considerations you have to think of before you take the plunge and plant a tree. You should think about the maintenance cost and the people you have to hire to do the maintenance. You also have to prepare for any emergency regarding your tree. You don’t really want to be out of sorts looking for a Total Tree Care. You should be prepared for that before then.  

In this article, there are many reasons why you should plant a tree in your yard, in here you will learn some of it.  

Reason 1: SCREEN  

Some communities and states will not allow for fencing in a residential area. So, there really isn’t much of a way in the privacy department. However, some homeowners association will allow for a tree or some hedges. Trees are perfect green screen that will offer you some privacy without it feeling like a fence.  

Reason 2: ENERGY COST  

The energy consumption of your house is noticeably higher during the warmer months. However, when there is a tree acting as a buffer to the sun and shading your house from it. It will help your house not generate too much solar heat that your HVAC system has to work overtime to help cool the place down. So, with a tree on the sunniest side of your house, you can reduce the energy cost.  

Reason 3: APPEAL  

With a tree in your yard it increases the appeal of the property but not only that. It will add color to the property and make you feel a little closer to nature. There are studies made about the healing wonder of the color green of nature. It brings forth a feeling of calmness and relaxes the eyes from the everyday strain. So that is good.  

Reason 4: SPACE SHADE  

You’ll have a shade and the space to spend your afternoon with friends or family just relaxing under the shade of the tree. For some people this may be insignificant but for others this is already a pretty nice thing to go into. It inspires people to bond closer and creates the ambience for it. That is already a gift in itself.  

Reason 5: HABITAT 

Not only does a tree in your yard benefit you but it also benefits the wildlife in the area. Birds and squirrels will have a fun time making a nest on the tree or just jumping around from branch to branch just having fun. You are creating a space for this animals to live in a world where trees are being cut down for the industry. 

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